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    The Exodus Road (TER) is a nonprofit organization working to fight and end human trafficking around the world. Since 2012,

    TER’s efforts to investigate trafficking allegations, disrupt anti-human trafficking organizations, and stop child trafficking have resulted in the arrest of more than 800 traffickers and the rescue of over 1500 survivors, numbers that continue to grow every day.
    It’s no controversy: human trafficking must be stopped and it takes decisive action to intervene in this crime. That’s why The Exodus Road, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, takes on human trafficking crime firsthand through wide-ranging efforts to empower law enforcement, equip communities, free trafficked individuals, arrest child traffickers, and deliver care and support to trafficking survivors in the United States, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, and an undisclosed country in Latin America.
    The Exodus Road advocates for and supports the most vulnerable among us through prevention and training, direct intervention with police, and survivor aftercare. The efforts pursued by this organization serve as an open letter to traffickers around the world: the vulnerable deserve protection not exploitation.

    The vision of The Exodus Road is a world in which humans are never bought, sold, or exploited.
    The Exodus Road team disrupts the darkness of modern-day slavery by partnering with law enforcement to fight human trafficking crime, equipping communities to protect the vulnerable, and empowering survivors as they walk into freedom.
    TER aims not only to equip law enforcement with the tools and training to identify and arrest traffickers in each respective community, but also to raise funds and awareness needed to boost prevention efforts and put a stop to modern-day slavery once and for all.

    Founded by Matt Parker and Laura Parker and based in Colorado Springs, CO, The Exodus Road is now a passionate, diverse team around the globe.

    TraffickWatch Academy

    TER’s educational TraffickWatch Academy U.S. program offers 100% digital training to anyone seeking information on how to stop and prevent human trafficking across the globe. This free training program equips communities with an understanding of human trafficking and practical action steps to fight and prevent human trafficking throughout their region.
    Created by global experts, TraffickWatch Academy training modules provide:


    • Statistics and facts on human trafficking in the United States and across the globe
    • Warning signs that an individual may be a trafficking victim
    • Practical action items to fight child trafficking in all forms
    • Certification that demonstrates your understanding and awareness of human trafficking
    • TraffickWatch Academy also offers other educational resources, digital awareness campaigns, and other trafficking prevention activities to bolster the fight against human trafficking.

    TraffickWatch Academy Brazil is also launching in Brazil in 2022. This comprehensive training program is designed for law enforcement and contains modules by Brazilian experts in the anti-trafficking field. Modules include: human trafficking law and the judicial system, after care services, building effective cases, and labor trafficking in Brazil. This digital training is positioned to greatly impact fighting human trafficking crime more effectively.

    Search + Rescue

    An investigative program, Search + Rescue trains police, support staff, and social workers in the best practices for investigating human trafficking allegations, identifying victims, building stronger cases, utilizing critical technology and gear, completing missions around the world with police, and offering survivor care immediately during and after operations.

    Unique among organizations that fight human trafficking, Search + Rescue now has active national teams in Latin America, India, The Philippines and Thailand, each operating in strategic areas and pursuing investigations within each respective country in partnership with law enforcement agencies.

    Survivor AfterCare & Support

    In addition to ongoing efforts to prevent and end child trafficking for good, The Exodus Road works to help and support survivors and the exploited through the Beyond Rescue program. Beyond Rescue uses a trauma-informed approach and works in concert with other human trafficking rescue organizations and NGOs to provide aftercare support to those in need.

    Beyond Rescue offers aftercare through such critical programs as Freedom Home, a Thailand-based safehouse and mentorship initiative serving victims of sex and labor trafficking, and a Survivor Fund, a global fund providing strategic help and support to trafficking victims worldwide. The Exodus Road is empowering survivors as they walk into freedom.
    The Exodus Road: A Values-Driven Organization
    The Exodus Road operates on a core set of principles that not only keeps the organization on track, but continually progresses the TER team closer to its open letter goal: to make human trafficking dangerous for traffickers. Their values are:

    Mission - TER maintains a strategic focus not only on investigating human trafficking allegations, but also on making child trafficking and sex trafficking dangerous while advocating for survivors around the globe.

    Integrity - TER works tirelessly to operate consistently, transparently, and in a way that adheres to organizational values and the highest standards of ethics.

    Innovation - The Exodus Road continually seeks out new possibilities and ways to fight, prevent, and end human trafficking regardless of the risk or controversy.

    Excellence - Achieving outstanding quality and outcomes is always the central goal of every TER effort.

    Grit - The Exodus Road sets itself apart in its unwavering refusal to give in or give up in the fight to end child trafficking, no matter the obstacles.

    Community - Preventing human trafficking involves the work and commitment of many, which is why TER continually invests in relationships that maximize collaboration and success.

    Hope - TER celebrates the good in the work and the people that make freedom and systemic impact possible.

    Empowerment - The team at TER understands the importance of humility and staying focused on serving others, especially the communities directly impacted by their work.

    Mission: Empower Law Enforcement and End Human Trafficking
    The Exodus Road (TER) is an international nonprofit and advocacy organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking, providing help to human trafficking victims, and ending modern slavery for good.

    TER works hand-in-hand with NGO partners, law enforcement partners, local police, and local communities across the globe to fight sex trafficking, combat labor trafficking, stop sexual exploitation, and help past and current survivors as they walk into freedom.
    Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, The Exodus Road fights sex and labor trafficking and supports police casework and operations for children and adult survivorsaround the globe. Currently, TER maintains front-line work and operations in India, Latin America, Brazil, The Philippines, and Thailand.

    Under the leadership of co-founders Matt and Laura Parker, TER efforts globally include training, prevention, after care and intervention work. , a. TER's primary address is PO Box 64063, Colorado Springs, CO, 80962 in the United States.
    Law Enforcement Partners & NGO Support

    Fighting human trafficking and partnering with police for successful operations that result in survivor rescues and trafficker arrests around the globe means building strong partnerships with law enforcement - as well as NGO partners sharing those same goals.
    The Exodus Road co-founders Matt and Laura Parker, and the entire TER team, work tirelessly to cultivate responsible, lasting partnerships with regional and local police, nonprofits and NGOs, local communities and leaders to support law enforcement and maximize operation success in communities worldwide.

    Each police partnership, financial contribution, and act of support helps The Exodus Road as an anti-trafficking organization make a world in which humans are never bought, sold or exploited. .Want to help The Exodus Road fulfill its mission of ending human trafficking for good? Donate to TER today!

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